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If it CAN be fixed, KW Mechanical will FIX it.

It is cannot be fixed, we'll go over your options and give you a VERY COMPETITIVE quote. Your Urbana HVAC company is here for you whether you need heat or ac repair. 

Heating in Urbana

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In your basement, your attic or your utility closet, you surely have one of these.

We can fix it.  Whether it burns gas, or oil, or electricity, fixing it is what we do.

The Right Installer

Urbana Air Conditioning & Heating,

We like Carrier, but choosing the right contactor is more important than choosing the right brand- even the manufacturers admit that, as long as you stick with the majors.

KW Mechanical will do right by you

The co$t of power locally is only going one way

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Over the life of your system, the cost of running it is only going one way.  Don't save a nickel today to lost a dime tomorrow.  KW can show you the cost-vs-return of may different units.

Air Purification

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 Indoor air can be contaminated with dust; allergens like pollen, dust mites, and pet dander; mold; and other impurities. A good furnace filter is electrostatically charged to capture these impurities, protecting your home and your family from odors, bacteria and germs, and other respiratory irritants. 

KW can install them with new AC units, or retrofit them into older units.

We can be there tomorrow

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Heating & Air Conditioning Service is what we do. We have fully stocked and equipped vehicles ready to solve YOUR problems.  But you have to call us first.  301-257-3422